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Mandarin Class for Adults

We offer practical and effective Mandarin classes for adults. Spring 2023 classes will start on February 2023.  Click here to learn more

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TCML-Ann Arbor Affiliation

Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is affiliated with Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan (AACCOM), also known as “Ann Arbor Chinese School”.


Ann Arbor Chinese School was established in 1974 as a non-profit organization.  It is managed and operated by all participating families, mainly from Taiwan, but is open to everyone who is interested in learning Mandarin Chinese language and culture. The goal of the school is to establish a vibrant, efficient learning environment with high quality teachers and curriculum; and also provide enriching extra-curricular and cultural classes. The mission is to pass on the linguistic and cultural heritage to the next generation.  For more information, please visit the school website (aaccom.org) by clicking the image below, mail us at P.O. Box 130733, Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0733, or send email to principal@aaccom.org.

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Why  Learning  Mandarin from US